Sometimes a home renovation just isn't enough and can't create the space or the layout that is desired.  This is where a home addition can be a homeowners best friend, by enabling homeowners to expand their living space and redefine the boundaries of their home.  A home addition is a major undertaking but in the end is well worth the effort. Changing the blueprint of your house through a home addition can be more expensive than other renovation projects but will also have a larger impact to your life.  Home additions let you add space and style to your property while increasing the value of your home for when it comes time to sell down the road.  We've helped many clients attach new garages, build a second story, create a sunroom or add in-law suites, family rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The ONEWAY Construction team are the Ottawa home addition specialists you can trust to get the job done right, the first time.

A ONEWAY Construction Home Addition can:

  • raise the value of your home
  • increase the square footage of your house
  • upgrade your lifestyle

What You Need To Know About A Home Addition

How much will your project cost?
It is difficult to price out a home addition without first performing a detailed survey of the existing home and consulting with homeowners about their plans or ideas.  However, on average a home addition costs between $200 - $400 per square foot.

What types of home additions does ONEWAY Construction perform?
Our expert design and build teams are capable of completing any house addition you can think of.  Our previous projects have included all manner of kitchen additions, bathroom additions, basement expansions. second story additions, rear or side additions, above garage additions and in-law suites.

Do I need building permits to begin a house addition?
Our team knows exactly what you'll need for your home addition in Ottawa - from legal documents and paperwork to building permits.  We help guide you through the process and get you approved so your project can get underway as quickly as possible.

Is a home addition right for me?
Beginning a home addition project is a large step and requires careful consideration and planning.  Ultimately you need to decide if the added space is worth the cost.  During a consultation with our team we will help guide you through the necessary questions which can help you make the right decision.




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