The soil that your house sits on top of is in a constant state of change, which over time can cause severe damage to your home's foundation.  If you have begun to notice any of the telltale signs of a damaged foundation, it is necessary to hire a professional to inspect and fix the issue.  Safety is always a concern with foundation damage and should be repaired as soon as possible. 

At ONEWAY Construction we recommend checking your home's foundation for damage every few years.  These inspections can be visual and won't take long but can have a large impact on the amount of work necessary to repair any issues.  Foundation repairs are much cheaper when caught early, before significant damage has occurred.  Performing a basement renovation?  Don't do so without completing any and all foundation repairs first.

Every home's foundation is different, requiring a custom approach and professional attention to detail.  That's why we use only state-of-art techniques, equipment and products to ensure that all our repairs stand up to the test of time. 

Don't live with hazardous and stressful foundation issues, let us restore value to your home and create a safe living environment for your family.  ONEWAY Construction are the experts you can trust for foundation repair in Ottawa. 

Contact us today for a thorough inspection of your home's foundation and a free quote if any repairs are necessary. 

 Signs that your home may need foundation repair:

  • Gaps have appeared between window & door frames
  • Windows & doors in your home have become difficult to open
  • Interior walls show cracks in the plaster
  • Your home's ceilings are covered in nail pops
  • Walls in your basement are bowed or leaning
  • Uneven Flooring
  • Foundation is sinking
  • Your basement is leaking
  • Your home's chimney is tilted

 A house foundation can become weakened due to:

  • Poor drainage
  • Soil evaporation
  • Adverse soil conditions
  • Presence of excessive moisture
  • Transpiration (Tree roots impinging on the foundation structure)
  • Poor foundation construction
  • Poor ground preparation
  • Leaking plumbing

 Trust our certified experts to restore the safety and value of your home through our proven methods and track record in Ottawa foundation repairs.




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